Wednesday, August 23, 2023

An Enduring Memorial to Californians Lost on September 11, 2001

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, everyone in this country wanted to do something to support those who experienced a very personal tragedy –losing a family member or friend. The Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team (LABT) reached out to Senator Diane Feinstein’s office and offered to plant a tree in memory of each California loved one lost in the attacks. Senator Feinstein sent letters to families with LABT’s offer.

LABT traveled all over the state to churches, homes and schools to plant a tree for each individual family, at a location that had meaning for them. As LABT was talking with one widow she said “they all died together, why not plant all the trees together”. LABT discussed that with the other families and they wanted to do it. Thanks to North Hollywood Park, LABT was able to plant the communal trees there. On June 22, 2002, the families planted their trees and LABT built a memorial where the trees were planted.

Pic One of memorial

After the planting in Los Angeles, families in Northern California asked if LABT could also do plantings for their loved ones closer to their home. Honoring their request, LABT planted memorial trees in Bidwell Park in Chico, California.

The trees planted and all of the elements in the parks were paid for by LABT. This became a very personal undertaking for LABT, as families were contacted and consulted, trees were planted and the two park memorials were built and dedicated.

Stories come with each tree planted. A tree was planted by parents and siblings of a 25- year-old professional who had moved back east and was coming home to introduce his parents to his fiancé. Another tree was dedicated to a Captain of a flight that went into the Pentagon, planted by his brother and some of the local firefighters in Los Angeles. On the day of the planting, three fathers of college age women flying back to California met for the first time. Each of the fathers had written a poem or letter to their daughter. Coincidently, trees for these three girls had been planted next to each other.

After the planting, the families were talking with each other and LABT started to get calls from families in New York asking them to plant a tree for their lost loved ones. LABT could not say no. It took ten years to do because these trees have to be planted in a special and sacred way.

Every year through 2020, LABT has held a solemn memorial ceremony on September 11 at North Hollywood Park. The ceremony, which is well-attended by family members, political and civic representatives, religious leaders and citizens.

Pic Two of memorial with police and fire departments present

The North Hollywood and Bidwell Parks 9/11 Memorials remain, for generations to come, a place of tribute to those we lost on that day.

Pic Three of Memorial and Fire Truck

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Earth Day Community Planting Cal Fire 2/ Project 101 NoHo

Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. 

On Saturday, April 23, LABT celebrated Earth Day working with a North Hollywood Neighborhood to plant trees. This was phase 3 of a 4-phase ongoing planting of 340 trees in North Hollywood.  

This event was funded by CalFire (California Department of Forestry) and the support of Paul Krekorian, Councilmember of CD2.

We had volunteers from the community who joined us and were very excited to be planting in their own community. Youtubers livestreamed the event.  

Volunteers received a demonstration on how to properly plant a tree. After the demonstration, the volunteers divided into groups and were assigned and LABT supervisor to go plant.

The trees we planted that day were Australian Willows, Chinese Pistache, Crape Myrtle, and Chinese Flames. These trees will provide oxygen and shade, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife.

Earth Day Public School Tree Planting

For 30 years LABT has been planting trees at public schools and we continue to do so. 

Invited by the principal herself, Ms. Allyson Camell on April 22nd, 2022, we (LABT) went to Roscoe Elementary School in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and planted a total of 7 trees with seven different 4th/5th grade classes. Approximately 150 students participated in the tree planting event. 

We planted 3 Crape Myrtles and 4 Australians Willows around campus near the playground areas. The Crape Myrtles we planted were deciduous trees meaning that the trees will lose their leaves during the fall. Australian Willows are evergreen trees, and they will keep their leaves all year round. 

Each class was presented a poster board with information about the trees planted. At schools the asphalt playgrounds radiate the heat and are higher temperatures are created on the playground.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Over 30 years ago, HBT A.K.A LABT evolved through the neighborhood watch programs in the Hollywood community to clean up our streets and remove gang driven graffiti.

As of the following years from 2017 through 2021, HBT has averaged a total of 35,000 to 45,000 location (site visits), sites include private businesses, homes, and Los Angeles City property. At each site there is supervisor(s) who will abate the graffiti(s) using the resources such as paint, pressure washing, and Chemical solvent.

The HBT/LABT program has actively engaged with the partnership of five LAPD divisions within our boundaries for graffiti abatement by assisting mass amounts of graffiti removal with the supervision of law enforcement for everyone’s safety. The organization has had a 30-year span of experience activating community service workers to remove graffiti, including the engagement with youth through recruitment, training, and employment to provide income/experience. The organization has removed community-based graffiti within City Council Districts 4 and 13 and will continue to pursue the goal of beautifying the Los Angeles Community.

Abatement Information Report (Yearly):

Year           Total Locations                 Total Sq Ft

2017                34,966                         1,925,291

2018                37,434                         2,043,035

2019                45,975                         2,365,708

2020                38,125                         2,154,874

2021                39,186                         2,174,512

An Enduring Memorial to Californians Lost on September 11, 2001

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, everyone in this country wanted to do something to support those who experienced a very personal trage...